We are specialist wholesaler for photovoltaic systems and components | solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and accessory.

We support our customers and distribution partners with technical know-how and a portfolio of comprehensive services around all photovoltaic projects.




A world in which renewable energy is taken for granted and constantly saves a high standard of living. We are focusing on the sun as endless source for power production as a contribution to sustainable energy supplies.


Experiencing sustainable power production.To achieve this, we are offering custom-made solutions, products and services. With personal commitment,  competence and natural power.


  • Flexible and responsible behaviour.
  • Reliable business partner.
  • Convincing quality of service and products
  • solution-oriented approach.

Sustainable and controlled growth.




As a specialist wholesale our product portfolio provides all necessary components from established manufacturers for the field of photovoltaics. In specific we supply our customers  with solar modules, solar inverters, mounting structures and other accessories for all kinds of pv-projects . On request Solofotovoltaico will provide project-specific complete systems delivery for your photovoltaic project.

Our extensive network of international partners enables us to offer suitable solutions to our customers for a variety of field in the solar business.

Solofotovoltaico are independent of any manufacturers. This way, we can make sure to provide the necessary project-specific solutions to our customers.

Efficient planning and reliable order processing for each delivery is our first priority. Excellent relations to manufacturers and service providers as well as aligned handling processes secure high quality and planning certainty to each of our clients and for your solar power projects.

High stock availability of modules and inverters combined with high quality of products and excellent service are essential success factors for the implementation of solar projects of any size. Our team of  supply chain managment arrange for a smooth workflow from planning, over purchasing up to logistics and delivery.

The Solofotovoltaico team of after sales service serves our customer after the transaction.

The Solofotovoltaico after sales team can even be relied on after purchase and take care of our customers concerning all questions around products, service and delivery.




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I nostri servizi si basano su alti standard di qualità e su una perfetta conoscenza dei mercati produttori, l'importazione diretta ci permette di garantire:

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Solofotovoltaicoltd e' un'azienda specializzata in forniture materiali per energie rinnovabili con sedi in Italia, Romania e Bulgaria.
• Sede Italia: Str Efisio Loni nr 92 09047 Selargius (CA) – Loc Su Planu
• Sede Romania: Sos. Vitan Barzesti nr.7D, Sect 4 - Bucuresti
• Sede Bulgaria: Str Piroska n.° 134 1309 Sofia-BG